Healthy Cow Silage Supplement

Healthy Cow Silage Supplement has been designed by an animal health specialist to supplement the nutritional value of silage fed to a dairy herd particularly during early lactation. It contains both calcium and magnesium, as well as providing essential electrolytes.

The Silage Mix has added salt (NaCl).

Electrolytes (or salts) are essential to dairy cow health and assist in preventing milk fever in cows.

APPLY: When silage is being fed, while cows are lactating.

Healthy Cow Products are only to be used once herd has calved.

HEALTHY COW SILAGE SUPPLEMENT - Daily and Monthly Requirement (per herd)
Dosage (g/cow/day)* Component Quality 500 cows 750 cows 1000 cows
150g 90% CaCO3, 95% MgO, 39% Na 75 kg/day 113 kg/day 150 kg/day
2250 kg/30days 3390 kg/30days 4500 kg/30days

*These are general rates to be used when feeding 1 – 4 kgDM / day.