Healthy Cow Calcium Supplement

Healthy Cow Calcium is a pasture-dusting supplement that helps prevent milk fever.

Healthy Cow provides the calcium dairy cows need for optimal milk production and health. Regular dosing results in increased milk production and a healthier herd.

APPLY: Once the herd has calved.

Healthy Cow Products are only to be used once herd has calved.

Healthy COW Calcium Supplement - Daily and Monthly Requirement (per herd)
Dosage (g/cow/day)* Component Quality 500 cows 750 cows 1000 cows
Calving to day 21 90% CaCO3 125kg ‐ 150kg
3750kg ‐ 4500kg/30 days
187kg ‐ 225kg
5610kg ‐ 6750kg/30 days
250kg ‐ 300kg
7500kg ‐ 9000kg/30 days
Day 22 to Day 100 90% CaCO3 100kg ‐ 125kg
3000kg ‐ 3750gk/30 days
150kg ‐ 187kg
4500kg ‐ 5610kg/30 days
200kg ‐ 250kg
6000kg ‐ 7500kg/30 days
Day 101 to Drying off 90% CaCO3 25kg ‐ 50kg
750kg ‐ 1500kg/30 days
37kg ‐ 75kg
1110kg ‐ 2250lg/30 days
50kg ‐ 100kg
1500lg ‐ 3000kg/30 days
*Monthly requirements for Healthy cow calcium

*These are general rates to be used when feeding 1 – 4 kgDM / day.