Healthy Cow Calcium + Magnesium 80/20 supplement

Healthy Cow Calcium + Magnesium 80/20 is a pre-mixed product that can be spread onto pasture or in shed fed daily, providing the herd with the supplementation required to avoid both hypocalcaemia (milk fever) and, just as importantly, hypomagnesaemia (grass staggers).

Immediately post calving, a dairy cow's calcium demand is especially high. That is because colostrum contains twice the amount of calcium as normal milk.

Supplementing with Healthy Cow Calcium + Magnesium 80/20 at the recommended rate during this period assists dairy cows return to health post calving.

This easy-to-use product saves farmers and dairy staff time and effort.

APPLY: Once the herd has calved.

Healthy Cow Products are only to be used once herd has calved.

HEALTHY COW CALCIUM + MAGNESIUM 80/20 SUPPLEMENT - Daily and Monthly Requirement (per herd)
Dosage (g/cow/day)* Component Quality 500 cows 750 cows 1000 cows
Calving to Post Mating 320 g 90% CaCO3/95% MgO 160 kg/day
4800kg/30 days
240 kg/day
7200 kg/30 days
320 kg/day
9600 kg/30 days
Post Mating to Dry Off 160 g 90% CaCO3/95% MgO 80 kg/day,
2400 kg/30 days
120 kg/day,
3600 kg/30 days
160 kg/day
4800 kg/30 days
*Monthly Requirements of Healthy Cow Calcium + Magnesium 80/20

*These are general rates to be used when feeding 1 – 4 kgDM / day.